I’m virtually your average millenial 20-something. I did the thing where I graduated from college and had to start dealing with reality. I keep telling people I am a recent graduate because I’m in denial, but I have been living life as a pseudo real adult for a year. Regardless I like to say “I graduated very recently” to excuse my lack of real world savvy.

actually I am not even doing that badly. I got my degree in theatre. Eye roll, that was dumb. Ok ok I get it but don’t worry I got my minor in ceramics! Oh that’s even less lucrative than theatre? Well shit… Surprise you’re wrong. My pottery minor got me a job before my theatre major. And the more I interact with the adult world the more I realize nobody knows what they are doing. Everyone is just pretending. I am good at pretending, I literally majored in it.

I’m doing the 9-5 thing but I want to write and direct, hence the theatre degree. I’ve made progress! The summer after graduation I was an intern for a theatre company here in Chicago and that got me my first assistant directing gig. Since then I’ve Assistant directed another production for another theatre. There, I met a playwright who got me involved in a playwriting group for people with disabilities, which is cool because I have one of those and I write about it. So the theatre carreer isn’t a complete disaster. It’s just made me zero dollars, some free beer, theatre tickets, and some friendships.

Doing theatre and writing led to my involvement in storytelling. I love to tell stories. In fact I often do things just for the story. I am from an irish family and the irish are all about storytelling. its an essential part of the culture and a big part of what gives the irish their charm. my family has a motto; “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”I also have a twisted sense of humor and a bizarre bucket list that I take pretty seriously. It includes everything from “Ride every train on the CTA to the end and back” to “Join a coven of witches” to “Go to lunch  pretending there is a person at the table where there’s not.” I like to get creative.  Do I actually accomplish these things? YES. that’s why I have stories. That’s how I ended up with a live chicken in my apartment. That’s how I ended up performing a story about how I ended up with a live chicken in my apartment.  It is always difficult to recall brilliant stories on the spot though! which is why I have decided to compile the stories of my life as they come up and as I remember them. So I hope you enjoy!