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June 2015

How I Became A Potter

Check out my photos 🙂 I have a  pottery blog and an Etsy shop!

Once upon a time I was in high school. I took a pottery 1 class as an elective because I needed an art credit and thought that it might be fun. I was wrong about that. I was really incredibly bad at pottery. I could not keep the freaking clay centered and everything I made looked like a stupid lump of ugly crap.

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The Time I Hopped on the Back of a Strangers Motorcycle


He asked me if I wanted to take a ride. My friends kept walking (as you do when strangers talk to you on the streets of Chicago) but I stopped dead in my tracks. I was having a moment. I never thought this opportunity would present itself for real! But here it was. Could I? Should I? Probably not… but did I HAVE to? I looked the strange man in the eyes and said, “Absolutely.” Nothing is more important than my bucket list.

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The Time I Lost A Juggling Contest

When you are a theatre major you end up taking some weird classes.You walk away with strange skills that lack practical application and are virtually worthless (monetarily speaking). Don’t get me wrong, I think choosing to major in theatre was absolutely the right choice for me. I am actually working in theatre. Beyond that I certainly use my problem solving and communication skills daily in my ‘real’ job. And maybe I could even find a use for my fantastic Irish dialect if I tried but it would be a stretch.

One skill that has never benefited me and never will, in part because I never mastered it (or even came close) is juggling.

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World Naked Bike Ride: Chicago

Then the thunder boomed, the lightening flashed, and the rain began to pour down from the sky. Somehow, my life had led to this moment. This moment where I was naked in the rain with hundreds of strangers.

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Facebook: Anything You Say Can And Will Be Published Without Your Knowledge Or Consent

Once upon a time I learned a valuable lesson about the things you post on Facebook. I learned that the things you say on Facebook are fair game for publication. Nobody has to ask your permission, or even notify you for that matter. It’s a thing in the user agreement you never read. So beware! And as always, think before you post! Or you too could end up published in the latest edition of Arthritis Today Magazine….

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